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Situated on the banks of river Katni in Madhya Pradesh, the city of Katni is the administrative headquarters of Katni district and is one of the largest railway junctions in India. It is called as the ‘City of Marvels’, for its vast limestone and bauxite reserves. It is also known for as an important historic place, as it is home to numerous historic monuments and structures, religious places of worship and beautiful scenic locations. Easy accessibility, well developed means of communication, accommodation options and conducive climatic conditions have contributed in making this place a prominent tourist spot.


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Best Time to Visit Katni

It is very hot in Katni during summers, while in winter, the climate is mild, cool and pleasant. During the rainy season, this city experiences incessant rains. Therefore, if you wish to have a comfortable and fairly pleasant trip, try to visit this place during the winters. 

Places of Interest In and Around Katni

Being an important city with a rich historic culture and traditions, there are numerous old monuments and other structures that attract history lovers and tourists. Also there are temples and religious places of worship in and near Katni aking it a popular tourist destination.

Jagriti Park

It is a popular picnic spot in Katni city, with a science park and a duck train for kids. There is also a fast food centre, serving delicious appetizing snacks of various kinds. With lush green lawns and walking track, this place is quite popular among the people of all ages in Katni city.

Vijayraghavgarh Fort

It is a historical place, at a distance of about 33 kilometres from the city of Katni. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Vijayraghav and a fort named Vijayraghavgarh that attracts huge crowds of visitors.The Rangmahal in the fort is one of the most beautiful buildings here.


This place is known for its twelve feet high statue of Jain Teerthankar Shantinath, with certain scriptures written on the lower part of the statue. Many other statues and sculptures can be found in the north of this village including those of Narayan Shaishayani and Lord Surya. A stone bearing a painting of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu has been found in this village near a reservoir. 

Tigavan temple

Earlier Tigavan was believed to be a part of Bahoriband and was named as Jhanjhangad. A flat ceiling temple of about 1500 years can be found here. There is a beautiful statue of Lord Narsing here and also a Jain Treethankars Parshvanath statue on the other side of the wall.


The old name of this town was Pushpawati Nagri and was once home to numerous temples. Apart from religious scriptures, only the Varah Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu can be seen here now. Apart from a huge reservoir, one more temple dedicated to Lord Shiva near Bilhary, also called as fort of Kamakandla, which attracts visitors.


At a distance of about 3 kilometres from Katni, Jhinjhari is home to about 14 big coloured painted rocks, belonging to the prehistoric times. Paintings of various animals like cows, bulls, hippopotamus, goats, bulls that were found in the surrounding regions can be found here. Apart from those of animals, paintings belonging to the middle ages including those of people, flowers, trees, implements can be found here.


Sungarha Vaishnav Devi Mandir At a distance of about 15 kilometres from Katni, this temple attracts worshippers from far and wide and is a popular picnic spot.

Roopnath Temple

This is a popular pilgrim site, at a distance of about 3 kilometres from Bahoriband and is home to the five lingam statue, dedicated to Lord Shiva, also called as Panchalingi. Located at the Camore mountain, there are three tanks one above the other, the lowest among them being Sita Kund, the next one named as Lakshman Kund and Ram Kund being the topmost tank. On a huge stone, one can see verses inscribed in Pali language related to Buddhism and king Ashoka. The Sindhursi village near Roopnath is also a popular historic and tourist destination.

Hire Taxi/Cars in Katni

For travelling within the city as well as to nearby places one can hire cars in Katni at reasonable rates. With highly skilled and experienced chauffeurs, a variety of cars can be rented from reliable car rental agencies. They thus provide highly affordable, timely and reliable services to the locals as well as the tourists visiting Katni

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Where to Stay in Katni ?

When it comes to accommodation, Katni city has lots to offer to its tourists. Luxury hotels as well as budget hotels are available in plenty here, suiting your needs as well as pockets. Equipped with modern amenities, hygienic ambience and courteous staff, these hotels make your stay a pleasant one.

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